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Have you ever felt that Minecraft has gotten too easy? All of the mobs in Minecraft seem to die fairly quickly, and they don’t usually put up much of a fight. If anything, they are more of a nuisance, rather than something that you should worry about. If only there was a way to make Minecraft slightly harder.

Luckily, there’s the John mod to the rescue! The John mod is a monster Minecraft that adds a new mob called John. John is basically a mob that is incredibly hard to beat, mainly due to the fact that it deals a ton of damage, as well as having a lot of health. The damage in health, John is also incredibly fast, and has a slightly creepy looking skin. This makes encounters with him at night almost frightening.

This mod is meant for people who want more of a challenge and survival. Normally, survival night would be a piece of cake, because mobs are very easy to kill and Minecraft. Zombies aren’t much of a challenge, because they’re very slow, meaning you can ask easily outmaneuver them. Skeletons are hard at first, but after a while you learn how to dodge their arrows, in addition armor essentially negates all the damage they’re able to do. In reality, spiders are the only real threat in Minecraft, but they’re easy to slay, but are not much of a challenge at all really. Thanks for this mod, surviving at night has become much more difficult, because of John. John also spawns in groups at times, meeting that going out at night can be quite fatal.

In all, this mod is pretty nice, despite its simplicity. This might is recommended for anybody who wants more of a challenge of survival.



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