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Sometimes, playing with other players on a server can be overwhelming, especially if you weren’t there from the very start. Most likely, other players will have diamond armor and diamond weapons, making it extremely difficult for you to fight them if they decide to pick a fight with you. In fact, it’s downright impossible if all you have to begin with is a stone sword. You may be able to deal about 2 hearts worth of damage to them if you’re lucky, but at the same token, they can deal half of your health in damage in one swing.

Hence, Julialys X-Ray Mod was born.Julialys X-Ray Mod is a mod that allows you to see where all of the ores and mineshafts are, but unlike other X-ray mods, it doesn’t stop there. This mod also allows you to place waypoints around the world, meaning that you can mark important places, such as your house, or even spawn. This can be quite useful for navigating, especially if you are new to a server.

Even though most servers frown upon the use of mods such as this, this mod should help you get a jump-start on a server. This jump-start is most likely needed if you’re on a PVP server with factions. After all, it’s hard to start on these servers because people with diamond armor will literally wait for you to leave spawn, just to slay you. With this mod, you can find out their position before they see you, and you can even place waypoints at their base so you will know to avoid that area until you are properly equipped.

All in all, this mod is a pretty nice mod, and is recommended for people who have trouble finding rare ores during the beginning phase of a game, or would just like to get rare ores at a faster pace.

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Julialys X-Ray Mod

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