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Kenshiro Mod – Tired of using a sword to kill mobs? Has mining with a pickaxe a bit too slow for you? Then this mod is for you!

The Kenshiro Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds a move called “kenshirawesome”, from the popular manga franchise, “Fist of the North Star”. Basically, this mod allows you to unleash a devastating series of blows to anything you touch. All you have to do is have full armor on, take the shirt off, wait until you see a second fist on the lower edge of the screen, and hold the right mouse button. When you hit mobs, they will freeze for about 3 after you finished using the move, and then they will all die simultaneously. That’s not the only use of this mod though. You can also destroy most blocks such as wood, grass, and stone, at a very rapid rate. It sure beats using a pickaxe! The only drawback of this mod is that it drains quite a but of stamina, so I would recommend that you bring some food with you if you plan on using your fists of fury.

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