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What is the Clay Soldier mod, you ask? This mod is probably one of the best mods in Minecraft. That’s just my opinion though. Anyways, the clay soldier mod is a mod where you can make huge armies of clay soldiers battle against each other (The different color defines the faction)! Not only that, they are miniature size, meaning you can make them wage war in the front yard of your house, the backyard, or even inside your house! The best part is that they are reusable! This means that when they die, they drop a clay soldier piece, meaning you can play with these little guys from hours on end! Let’s get on with the features of the Clay Soldier Mod.

Below are the Features of the clay soldier mod. They are in order by updates.

Version 1 (Initial Release)

  • Clay Soldiers.
  • One leather piece is armor for one clay soldier.
  • One gold ingot defines the king of the faction.
  • A stick is a weapon.
  • Clay Soldiers can use a pork chop for food when he gets hurt.
  • Glowstone dust makes the Clay Soldiers glow.
  • Gunpowder makes the Clay Soldiers explode upon death.
  • Sugar increases the Clay Soldiers’ speed.
  • Giving the clay soldier a clay lump will make him be able to revive fallen soldiers.
  • Clay soldiers can ride dirt horses.

Version 2

  • A piece of wool upgrades the Clay Soldiers’ armor, making it take less damage.
  • A piece of flint sharpens the stick the Clay Soldier is holding, making it do more damage.
  • Redstone dust can be given to a soldier, allowing him to blind the enemy.
  • Slimeballs can be given to a soldier, allowing him to glue the enemy to the ground.
  • A clay disruptor can be used to clear the battlefield.

Version 3

  • Iron ingots give the Clay Soldiers a heavy core, making the knockback of their strikes more powerful.
  • Gravel can be used as a throwing stone for the Clay Soldiers, meaning a ranged weapon.
  • If you give a Clay Soldier a stack of logs, they will build themselves a home.
  • Clay Soldiers can now access items from chests.
  • You can guide clay soldiers using a fishing rod.
  • Clay disruptor now destroys nearby clay blocks too.

Version 3.5

  • Pink and brown Clay Soldiers.
  • White Clay Soldiers are called “villagers”, meaning they are harmless.
  • Black Clay Soldiers are called “Black Brawlers”, meaning they are tougher, yet might attack each other.
  • Feathers can be used as parachutes.
  • Goggles increase sight range.
  • Pegasus. Yeah, a flying horse.
  • Horses can now be revived.
  • Clay Soldiers can now access chests inside of minecarts.
  • The Claycam.

Version 3.6

  • Giving a diamond to a clay soldier will make him a “super soldier”.
  • Giving an Ender Pearl to a clay soldier will make him turn against each other and possibly attack you too.
  • Claycam is now fixed.

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