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Lapis Mod – Create several tools in Minecraftinvolvingthe ever so popular Lapis Lazuli! Lapis Lazuli armor is the new thing now!

Lapis Lazuli. One of the most rare, yet most common ores in the game. There’s practically no use for them, other than dying wool, makingLapisLazuliblocks, and just plain looking cool. Other than that, Lapis Lazuli has practically no other use.

That was the case, until this mod came out! TheLapis Mod is a mod that makes it so you can use Lapis Lazuli as another source for materials, such as pickaxes, shovels, armor, and even swords! In order to craft the items, however, you need tocrestlapis lazuli ingots. The ingots themselves are fairly easy to acquire as well. In order to acquire them, just create a lapis lazuli block, and after that, just smelt the block. You should end up getting 9 lapis ingots. I guess 1 lapis lazuli is equal to a lapis ingot, but I’m assuming the mod developer requires you to have at least 9 at a time in order to balance it.

This mod is very useful for avid miners who seem to have trouble keeping up with their pickaxes. For one, lapis lazuli blocks are very compact, and can reduce inventory space required for mining. On top of that, lapis lazuli tools and armor are just as useful as iron pickaxes, so that means that you can completely phase out iron pickaxes once you get this mod,mainlybecauseof how much more compact and how much more aesthetic lapis lazuli is.

All in all, this mod is fairly well made, and is recommended for anyone who would like to have lapis lazuli tools in their game.

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