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Lava Monster Mod – Add a new mob in your game that’s exclusive to lava! More mobs in the Nether? I think so!

Mobs in Minecraft are starting to get boring. After a while, you grow tired of seeing skeletons and zombies all day. Or night should I say. Anyways, you could go to the nether, but there’s not much to see there too. The zombie pigmen are fun at first, but after a while, they get less and less challenging. If only there was a challenging mob that will add some fun in the game.

Well, there is! It’s called the Lava Monster mod! The lava monster mod is a mod designed to relieve your boredom with a new, yet challenging mob called the Lava Monster! The lava monster spawns anywhere where there’s lava. On top of that, this mob is very hostile, and will attack you on sight. When the lava monster sees you, it will attempt to shoot you with a fireball, the same thing that the blaze shoots at you. In addition to all of these things, the lava monster also leaves a trail of fire behind it, meaning that if you don’t get killed by the fireballs that this mob shoots, you may end up getting killed by the trail of fire it leaves, so watch out!

This makes survival a lot harder. For example, let’s say that you’re trying to find diamonds deep underground. Then suddenly, you found a cluster of diamonds in a middle of a lava pool. Normally, you would just build a 1 block bridge on top of the lava to get to the diamonds, but thanks to the lava monster, you will have to devise another way to get the diamonds because this mob will just knock you off of the 1 block bridge you made.

All in all, this mod is recommended for anyone who would like a challenge in their game, or would like to have a new mob in their game.

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Lava Moster Mod

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