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Light Saber Mod – Ever wanted to be a Jedi in Minecraft? Well now you can, thanks to this mod!

TheLight Saber Mod is a mod for Minecraft that makes it so you can craft a light saber, which comes in three different flavors of yourchoosing! The colors are red, green, and blue, meaning you can also be on the “dark side” if you choose to. The mod doesn’t stop there though, as the light sabers, when equipped, will give you some Jedi powers, including higher jumps, floating to the ground, and even pounding the ground at full force without taking too much damge.

In order to use the first power, you must have the light saber equipped and engaged (you can engage or disengage thelight saber’sabilities by right clicking.). In fact, you have to have the light saber equppied and engaged for all of the abilities. Anyways, to use the first power, or the higher jump, all you need to do is jump! The second ability, or the floating ability, requires you to press the “F” key while you are in midair. You will then sail smoothly to the ground. The third ability, the one where you smash the ground, requires you to press the “R” key.

All in all, I would recommend this mod to any Star Wars fans who would like to be a Jedi in Minecraft. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Light Saber Mod

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