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Lion King Mod – Join the Lions in the Pride lands, go on new adventures with Timon and Pumba. Listen to the wise words of Rafiki, explore the outer lands with the Lion King Mod For Minecraft.

Are you aDisneyfan? if so then the Lion King mod is for you. The Lion King Mod adds three new realms in your minecraft and somefamiliar faces from the Disney movies. The Lion King mod adds ticketboothswhich you can purchase a ticket from which allows you to visit the pride lands which is one of the realms in the Lion King mod. TicketBoothswill spawn through out your map and if you are using an old map they will spawn in unexplored areas. Once you enter the Pride Lands there is going to be a pedestal next to the portal which has a chest on it, the chest contains the book of quest. The Book of Quest has manyinterestingfeatures such as saving thecoordinatesof the last Pride Land portal you went through telling you the crafting recipe of aPrideLand item and keeping track of the quest you have completed. One of the characters that we all know is Rafiki, you can find rafiki in coordinates in (0,0) , he lives in a big tree in the middle of the map and as some quest for you to do, another place you could do a quest is not far from Rafiki, and itsTimonand Pumba.

The pride lands has fourbio mes theSavannah, theRain forest, theMountains, and the AridSavannah. Thebio mesare normallyseparatedby rivers that run along the whole map. New food sources are Banana trees, mango trees,andmaize. If you wish to go mining the Pride lands have silver ore running throughout its tunnels. There are dungeons in the pride lands and hyenas spawn from the mob spawners in those areas so destroy them quickly. The animals that inhabit the Pride Lands are lions, zebras, hyenas, zazus, giraffes, rhinos,gemsbok, and crocidiles. The Lion King mod also adds a dart shooter which gives you a variety of darts to shoot from. The Outlands which is where all the banned lions roam is adangerousplace, you can reach his location by doing quest for Rafiki, another realm is theUpendi Realm which is similar to the Pride Lands but with better scenery and purple lakes, only way to get back is the passion fruit. So now that you know a little of this mod go out on quest, explore the outlands, eat tropical fruit and even build a zoo.

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