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Little Blocks Mod – Thanks to this mod, you can now place blocks that are incredibly small in Minecraft!

The Little Blocks mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to place a significantly smaller version of any block. This is useful if , let’s say, you like to focus on attention to detail when it comes to making furniture in your house. This would have been impossible if you used the large blocks normal Minecraft used. The reason being is because the blocks are exactly 1/512 of a normal block. But the part where this mod really shines at is when it comes to redstone wiring. This little mod is revolutionary to you guys who us redstone, because this mod significantly cuts down the size of your redstone contraptions, while still having the same functionally as it’s normal counterpart. The only drawback to this is that big redstone wires and little block redstone wires aren’t compatible, so you will need to use the little block redstone wiring for everything, that is, if you plan to use little block redstone. Otherwise, the game would crash. Other than that though, everything else is compatible (for example, little block redstone can power up normal and large pistons) and this mod is solid. I would definitely recommend this to anybody that makes large redstone contraptions.

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Little Blocks Mod

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