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Little Maids Mod – Add maids into your game that will do anything you desire with this mod!

Are you a fan of anime? Are you a fan of Japanese culture? Are you a fan of maids doing stuff for you? Boy, do we have a mod in stock just for you!

The Little maids mod is a mod that adds, well, little maids into your game! The maids themselves, are neutral mobs that don’t harm the player, and almost disregards the player. You will have to “tame” the maid in order to use her. In order to tame your very own maid, you will need some cake. You should be able to tame a maid just like you would with a wolf, in that you hold the cake and right click on the maid.

In addition to the maid doing anything you want them to do, the Maids will collect any dropped items. This is useful for those times when you are mining, and your inventory is full. The maid will pick it right up if you don’t get a chance to!

Sadly, the maids will not work for you forever. The maids will stop obeying your orders after 7 Minecraft days. In order to prevent this, all you have to do is place sugar in the maid’s inventory. As you can see, the maids aren’t very picky!

All in all, this mod is great for anyone who likes Japanese culture, and would like to have a maid that follows them around.

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Little Maids Mod

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