Lucky Block Mod


The Lucky Block Mod is a mod for Minecraft that makes it so the player can create a block that has a question mark on it, similar to what you would see in the Super Mario series. This block is pretty cool because it allows you to spawn several different types of items and mobs at random.

If you’re lucky, you can make it so it drops diamonds and iron everywhere. This will definitely speed up production and almost makes it so it’s worth hitting every block you encounter.

On another note, if you’re unlucky, you better be prepared to fight mobs because there’s a chance that zombies can come out of lucky blocks as well. I would highly recommend having a decent amount of health on you before you attempt to hit these blocks because you never know if you’re lucky or not.

This mod also sometimes spawns stuff like fireworks and buildings as well. If you’re struggling in the game, there’s a chance you can hit one of these blocks and have an instant shelter show up right in front of you!

All in all, the Lucky Block Mod is pretty cool and i would highly recommend it to anyone that’s looking for a randomized experience similar to that of some of the Nintendo games.

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Lucky Block Mod

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Developer PlayerInDistress
Compatible Minecraft Version 1.11
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