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Magical Crops – Are you a farmer and are not good at mining? Then check this mod out, with it you can grow your very own ores right in your own backyard.

Are you miner? Enchanter? Weaponsmith? Are you a farmer? Well if your a farmer or a miner MAGICAL CROPS is the mod for you. Magical crops adds sixteen new crops, seven which are edible and nine that are a magic essence type crop. The crops that are a food type are tomatoes, strawberries, sweetcorn, cucumber, blackberry, raspberry, and melon each of these crops has its own seed. Magical crops adds essence which you use to create magical seeds which you use to grow your ores which is good for miners saves a lot of time. The ores that you can grow consist of the following coal, Redstone, glowstone, iron, lapis lazuli, gold, lava, diamond and emerald.

When you plant for example a diamond seed which you make from mixing essence with a diamond, you grow diamond essence which you use to craft your ores. You can also craft decorative blocks for example if you grow diamond essence which you will use to make a diamond essence block which you can use for building diamond essence bricks. Another thing this mod adds which will make all MineCraft farmers happy is a mystical hoe which has 9000 durability so you don’t have to keep crafting multiple hoes to farm. You can find essence under ground in layer 16 and below, it looks like a normal ore block but it has green on it where a diamond ore would have blue. So if you like farming and are a miner and you want to save a lot of time the Magical crops is the mod for your game.

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Magical Crops Mod

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1.7.10 1.6.4 1.7.2
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