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I’ve always wondered how map makers made such insane adventure maps. First, there are invisible blocks that form barriers, then there are specifically triggered events, and on top of that, there’s all these custom items with awesome enchantments, such as items that never break, items that have a set amount of damage, and all of that. On top of that, I even see mobs that have specific attributes, such as more damage, or even wield weapons! How map makers did all of this is a mystery to me.

That was the case, until I stumbled upon theMap Making Tools Mod. TheMap Making Tools Mod is a mod that makes it so you can do all kinds of crazy stuff in Minecraft, including the ones mentioned above. This means that you can make extremely elaborate maps, such as Herobrine’s Mansion, if you’re given enough time. Unlike other mods that do this, such as the Adventurecraft Mod, you can share your maps everywhere without having to make it so they need to install any mods, allowing for you, the map maker, to target a much larger audience.

Even though this mod is meant for making maps, you could also use this mod to set up events, such as New Year’s, or July 4th events. With this mod, you can make it so mob spawners can spawn all kinds of entities, and one of those entities include fireworks. This means that you can set up an elaborate fireworks show for all of your friends to see! the possibilities are essentially endless with this mod!

All in all, theMap Making Tools Mod is a very nice mod, and is highly recommended to all map makers of all kinds. In my opinion, this beats having to export your world into MCEdit in order to do a simple task, such as a custom mob spawner.

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