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Marvelous Moon Mod – Fly up to the moon, and play among the stars with this great mod for Minecraft!

The moon. It’s always noticable at night. It helps you find your way home, and even lights up the night. It is also the signal that it’s getting too dark outside, and that you should head home. It’s arguably a very useful object in survival. Why not fly up there to check it out?

That’s what this mod does. The Marvelous moon mod is mod for Minecraft that allows you to become an astronaut, and also allows you to literally fly to the moon! How sweet is that? On top of that, you can even build on the moon!

“Building on the moon? That sounds spectacular!” Hold your horses though! You will first need to build a spaceship. In order to do so, you must craft the cockpit block, an air scrubber block, and a Navigation system block, and place them on the spaceship you made. Also, you will need to make a spaceship EXACTLY how it’s shown in the video. You can now fly to the moon, but wait! You must craft the space suit too, otherwise, you will end up getting killed due to space turbulence.

On the topic of building on the moon, you can mine the moon rocks, and if you smelt them to make iron ingots. Additionally, you can build an airtight room (Soyouaren’t exposed to the nitrogen on the moon), and place an air scrubber inside the room, and you are then free to take your helmet off! Pretty neat right?

In conclusion, this mod is great, and is recommended for anyone who would like to have an “out of this world” experience (please excuse all of the bad puns I’ve been making) in Minecraft.

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