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MAtmos Mod – ever wanted to have more realistic sound and better sound when the environment changes in Minecraft? than this mod is for you!

The MAtmos Mod is a mod for Minecraft that completely overhauls the game’s sounds. For example, whenever you move really fast, or fall off a cliff, you will now hear a wind sound, similar to when you stick your head out of the car and hear the wind going through your ears. Another example is the water. when you fall into it, it will have a better sound than the normal vanilla Minecraft’s sounds, and when you’re underwater, it actually sounds like you’re underwater, compared to the normal game’s sounds, where you hear nothing. There are several more examples, but there’s too many to list!

There’s really no use to this mod when it comes to the survival aspect of Minecraft, but it’s still a nice addition to the game. Overall, this mod is really nice and I would definitely recommend it for people who would like to have a better sound experience Minecraft. Now for some videos of the mod in action.

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MAtmos Mod

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