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Minecraft’s GUI has always looked fairly dull in my opinion. It’s basically a jumble of characters, or characters wrapped inside of a very bland looking box. Basically, Minecraft’s GUI looks too basic, and uninteresting, as compared to other games’ GUIs, such as League of Legends, where you can easily tell that the GUI has had a lot of work put into it. If only there was a way to make Minecraft’s GUI nicer looking.

Luckily, there’sMaxpowas TukMC Mod to the rescue!Maxpowas TukMC Mod is a mod that completely overhauls Minecraft’s default GUI with new elements that makes it look much more pleasing. For example, with this mod, you can place a compass and a sundial at the top of your screen, allowing for more accessibility. In addition, this GUI also makes it so your health and hunger bar work off of points, rather than icons, allowing for a more precise interpretation of your health and hunger.

This mod is fairly useful when it comes to servers. For example, you can make it so this mod can show your FPS, latency, and even the number of players online, in an elegant and non-intrusive manner. This allows for more information to be obtained, while at the same time, preventing you from stopping what you were doing beforehand.

All in all, this mod is pretty nice, and is recommended for everyone. Yes, everyone. This mod is one of the best mods I have ever encountered, and I highly encourage you to install this mod is you are an avid Minecraft player.


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Maxpowas TukMC Mod

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