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Metal Detector Mod – Ever wanted to find orders more easily without actually cheating too much? Then this mod is for you!

The Metal Detector Mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you use a metal detector in game. This mod adds two types of metal detectors. The first metal detector is called a regular detector. This detector has a scanning proximity of five blocks, meaning that if there is an ore five blocks away from you, the detector will start beeping loudly. The second detector, is the advanced detector. The advanced detector has a scanning proximity of 10 blocks, meaning that it’ll be much easier to find minerals inside caves. it also lasts longer than the regular detector. To craft a metal detectors, used to crafting recipes below:

Just replace the gold and iron with the material you are trying to find, such as diamonds and coal. You might notice that the crafting recipe requires for two grey sticks. these grey sticks are actually metal sticks, thinking the crafted with the crafting recipe below:

Anyways, this mod is useful for people that have a hard time finding ores, but at the same time, don’t want to cheat with, let’s say, an x-ray mod or and in game inventory editor such as TooManyItems. the only downside to this mod, is that the metal detectors eventually wear out when you’re holding them. Other than that though, this mod is very useful. There for some screenshots of the mod.

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Metal Detector Mod

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