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Metallurgy Mod – Add more ores in your game with this mod! Mining will be even more fun compared to what it was like before!

The Metallurgy Mod adds several new ores in your game. Some are even more powerful and more useful than diamond! Normally, a normal Minecraft miner would spend his time mining for iron tools, then iron armor and swords, and then spend the rest of his available time looking for diamonds. How about changing that up a bit, as in, finding ores ever more powerful than diamond? This mod will essentially expand upon your vanilla Minecraft experience, making mining even more fun than it was before! I bet you didn’t think that was even possible.

The ores in Metallurgy spawn randomly throughout the world, similar to how the normal Minecraft ores are. However, you might have to start a new world or venture off really far in your old world in order to see the new ores near you, mainly because of the fact that the chunks have already been generated, and there aren’t any places for the metallurgy ores to generate at.

On the topic of generating, did you know that you can also install several addons to this mod, including nether ores? That’s right! You can now having a great, yet risky mining experience in the Nether! In my opinion, this mod single-handedly makes the Nether very fun, and I say that because the general landscape of the nether is already challenging as it is, so why not mine there for an even greater challenge, and an extremely fun experience!To make the challenge even greater, hit a couple zombie pigmen and place the difficulty on hard! Hours of frustration will ensue, but the ores will be much more rewarding (mentally. This mod will not give you more because you decided to up the difficulty)!

All in all, this mod is a great mod for the avid miner who would like to expand upon their mining experience, and at the same time, have fun. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Metallurgy Mod

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