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Middle Ages Mod – Add new weapons and armor in your game. Make your castles look much better with the new blocks that are added.

Are you a fan of the Middle ages? Do you want to make your castles look a lot better? Then the Middle ages mod is for you, this mod adds 12 new blocks, five new weapons, one set of armor, one new mob and one new location to discover. The twelve blocks that are added are, the hay bales which spawn randomly in your map, the prayer/healing block which heals youimmediatelyonce you have made contact, castle rock which is used to craft castle stone, castle stone to make your cast look a little moremedieval, castle glass, copper ore which is used to craft drawbridge blocks, the drawbridge block used to create a draw bridge, frosted glass which has 4 patterns to choose from, and a gem ore ithas threedifferenttypes of gems that can be harvested.This mod adds five new weapons, the war hammer, the battle axe, the spear, a new sword, and the legendary sword. It also adds knight armor so you can dress properly in combat. The mob that is added is the knight which is an honorable opponent so be wary, you can also find bandit hide outs that have loot inside. Now go on new adventures fight off knights, and raid bandit hideouts.

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Middle Ages Mod

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