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Millenaire NPC Village Mod – Help villages flourish and thrive with this expansive mod.

The Millenaire/NPC Villager Mod is a fantastic mod in what it adds. If you can recall the villages in vanilla Minecraft, (the villages with NPCs wandering around aimlessly), you’ll most assuredly remember how dead they seemed and how devoid they were of content and interactivity. However, the Millenaire Mod seeks to fix just that.

Villages start out with six villager residents, and the aim is to help the villages thrive and survive. to achieve such a noble goal, one way is to help them build new structures of greater magnitude and complexity. You must trade them cobble, glass and other such rare materials, though as they can only build with wood. Completed villages include structures such as bakeries, taverns, churches and fountains; fairly commonplace in most successful communities. You can then trade with villages through bakeries and the like for goods such as bread and wood, the latter of which is obviously not in a bakery.

Villagers added with this mod have special jobs. They include wives, children, farmers and guards. The sheer magnitude of added content with this mod is amazing, especially considering that it all goes to deepening the experience of single player mostly, which desperately needed it.

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Millenaire – NPC Village Mod

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