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Mine Little Pony Mod – Come out to your friends about being a brony in style.

The Mine Little Pony Mod is for all of those out there who have been caught up in the My Little Pony fad across the internet. Essentially it just adds character skins modeled after the main ponies from the cartoon, with quite a few of the other, lesser known ponies making an appearance as well.

The textures in-game have also been modified to emulate the cartoony atmosphere of the show (it being a cartoon and all), with bright and colorful textures. Each of the ponies have small details worked into them, such as the Pegasi’s wings flapping whenever they fly, and unicorns holding stuff out in front of them, as if by the magic used by them in the show. If you’re a brony or just like the show (AKA a brony in denial), show your love and toleration to this mod and give it a try.

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Mine Little Pony Mod

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