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MineChem Mod – Are you a chemist that just absolutely loves chemistry and Minecraft at the same time, and wish that there was a way to combine both of them? Then this mod is for you!

Minecraft is cool and all with it’s potion brewing, but it feels like it wasn’t enough. In my opinion, it’s not detailed enough, and doesn’t involve enough real worldelements such as dirt, wood, and more. In addition, after taking a chemistry class in High School, chemistry has always fascinated me. Not to the point where I want to be a chemist, but to the point where I want to learn more about it.

Hence, theMineChem Mod was born. TheMineChem Mod is a mod that’s all about chemistry. It’s highly detailed and realistic as well, because the chemicals are the same as that of real life, and on top of that, combining the chemicals can also create items that you would find in real life, such as wood. The composition is practically spot on as well!

This mod is fairly useful for survival. For example, let’s say you have an excessive amount of coal. Like a whole chest full of the stuff. thanks to this mod, you can convert all of that coal into carbon potions, and after that, you can compress four stacks of carbon potions to create a diamond. Sure, this is expensive, but since this mod is also part of industrialcraft, all you need to do is create an automated mining machine to mine all of that coal. In the end, you can get diamonds easily without even having to leave your laboratory.

All in all, this mod is incredibly extensive, and if you’re a fan of chemistry and Minecraft, then this modisfor you.

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