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MineFantasy Mod – Completely change your game to fit the medievalplay stylethat everyone knows and loves!

Minecraft is fun and all, but it lacks in most aspects. What I mean by that is that there’s usually something missing in the game, or not complete enough. In this case, the mining part seems to be very incomplete because there’s only so much you can do. In addition, Minecraft is also lacking a medieval atmosphere, which usually makes the game really fun.

That’s where theMineFantasy Mod comes into play. TheMineFantasy Mod is a mod that adds several new items in your game to make it more medieval like. At the same time, however, this mod knocks out two birds with one stone because, on top of the new items, this mod also adds new ores into the game as well, essentially expanding upon the mining aspect of the game.

The MineFantasy Mod isn’t your run of the mill mod either. This mod also adds several new ways to craft and smelt items. For example, you can craft a new smelting device that, rather than smelts ore into ingots, reinforces a previous ingot to make an even more potent material. In addition, you can use the anvil, along with the new material you just acquired, to make reinforced tools, which are stronger than normal tools, and are arguably better looking texture-wise as well. You can even use the reinforced material to make reinforced armor!

All in all, this mod is very huge, and very nice as well. In my opinion, this mod is like a mod that combines several other mods to make one flawless mod (try saying that three times fast). If you are one for more materials, as well as a medieval atmosphere, then this mod is for you.

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