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Minecraft Minions Mod – Ever wanted to have your own personal servants that will do almost anything for you? Then this mod is for you!

Do you believe mining, cutting wood, moving animals is hard work? Well do I have great news for you now you have minions to do all of that for you and more. But of course there are a few things you have to do to receive power over these minions. To receive power over minions you must kill a large number of living creatures to increase in level. Only after a large number of evil deeds will you be gifted with your very own minion. 4 evil deeds are needed to receive a minion. Each player may only have 4 minions, each evil deed is worth 2 levels, minions menu is M.

You are given a staff to tell your minions what to do. You will have to repeat the commands as many times you have minions, so say you have 4 minions then you use the command 4 times. Minions are useful for strip mining, they create a 2 blocks high, one block wide and mine all the ores to the sides as they make the tunnel longer. After wards they take the ores and other blocks to the chest you have specified for them or they take it directly to you. They can also carry animal, other players, and yourself. They can also wipe out an entire forest in half the time you could by yourself. I believe this is a good mod for those who want to get a lot more done with little time to do it. So if youre a kind hearted person than this is not the mod for you, but if you like wreaking destruction and taking the lives of living creatures then go for it.

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