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The weapons in Minecraft just don’t seem to cut it anymore. I mean, they are nice and all, but all they do is damage what you’re hitting while knocking them back slightly. No flashy effects or anything. That, in my opinion, is why combat in Minecraft isn’t as good as it should be.

Introducing, theMjolnir Hammer of Thor Mod! TheMjolnir Hammer of Thor Mod is a mod that adds a new weapon into your game, and if you’ve studied Greek mythology, or watched the Avengers, you should be fairly familiar with this weapon. The weapon, as you can probably tell by the name of the mod, is the Thor Hammer, and just like its mythological counterpart, the Thor hammer allows you to call lightning upon anything and everything you want, allowing you to incinerate all of your foes. In addition to that, the Thor hammer is indestructible as well.

This mod is very useful when it comes to playing the survival game mode. Rather than constantly going through iron swords, or using up a diamond sword, you could just craft one of these bad boys, and you should be set for life, or at least until you get slain somehow. But with this weapon, you can count getting slain by mobs out of the equation!

All in all, this mod is a pretty decent mod, and is recommended for you if you like Greek mythology, or would just like to slay everything around you.


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Mjolnir Hammer of Thor Mod

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