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Mob Aura Mod – Slay any mob that gets too near to you! Become feared by zombies!

Ever had a time where you got ambushed by a bunch of hostile mobs, such as skeletons andzombies? No way to fight them all with just your sword, without getting yourself killed? Then this mod will prevent those incidents from ever happening again.

The Mob Aura Mod, as the name highly suggests, is a mod that surrounds your character in an aura that kills hostiles mobs, farm animals, and even deflects ghast fireballs. Even better- It works on multiplayer servers (with the exception of servers with the “NoCheat” plugin installed. be sure to check before you use!).

In order to enable this mod, you will have to press the “k” key on your keyboard. After that, you will be surrounded in an invisible aura that stretches 6 blocks around you. Whenever you left-click with the aura enabled, you will attack any mod inside the 6 block radius with the item in your hand.

So, for example, you can have nothing in your hand, and whenever you left-click with the aura on, you will deal about 1/2 hearts of damage to anything inside the aura. Now, if you have like, let’s say, a diamond sword enchanted with high-end enchantments such as sharpness 4 and fire aspect 3, you will practically obliterate anything around you, and if that doesn’t work, the fire from the fire aspect enchantment will.

The downside to this mod, or upside to some, is that even though this mod works on most multiplayer servers, it will notattack other players or their pets. The reason being is because the mod author did not want to make this mod oriented towards PVP, essentially making this mod earn a notorious reputation.

In the end, this mod is pretty useful for players who find themselves constantly ambushed by hoards of mobs, or players who would like to farm mobs at a quicker pace. Now for some videos of the mod.

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Mob Aura Mod

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