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MobCages Mod – Trap mobs for easy transportation thanks to this mod!

Making farms in Minecraft is incredibly tedious, especially if there aren’t any mobs near your house to start the farm off. The problem, really, isn’t making the farm itself. In fact, that’s fairly easy. The real problem is the fact that you can’t tame pigs, cows, chicken, or sheep, and the only way to bring them to your farm would be through minecart, or though luring them with wheat/carrots/seeds, and that’s not an easy task whatsoever. Other than that, it’s impossible to lure them home.

Thankfully, there’s a mod that addresses this issue, and that’s theMobCages Mod/ TheMobCages Mod is a mod that makes it so you can craft a mob cage, which can capture any mob, just by right-clicking it with a cage in hand. This means that you can easily acquire all of those cows and pigs, and bring them back home with ease. After that, just right click to release them into the desired holding pen that you made, or if you’re particularly evil, keep them in a chest, and release them when it’s time to breed or slay.

This mod isn’t aimed just for farming, however. It can also be aimed towards survival. For example, let’s say that you went out to go find animals to capture, but you forgot your sword, and night is quickly coming. The only thing you have are these cages. To make things worse, you are low on hunger, so you can’t run home. With this mod, however, you can walk home virtually unharmed. Let’s face it, the only real threats are spiders and creepers at night. You can just capture them before they get close enough, and release them off of a cliff (or keep them for other uses in the future).

In conclusion, this mod is great, and will definitely aid you on your farmingjourneys.

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