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Modern Weapons Mod – Add more types of weapons in your game, inspired by the weapons of today!

Long range combat in Minecraft has always been lacking. For one, all you have isa bow and ifyou’re really good, maybe the fishing rod. Other than that, however, there’s not much else you can do if you favor long-range combat as opposed to melee combat.

That was the case, until theModern Weapons Mod came to be. TheModern Weapons Mod is a mod that does exactly what it says, in that it provides a way for you to access modern weapons in the game. Since most modern weapons nowadays involve range, this means that this mod is meant for the marksman who enjoys taking the battle from a distance.

For example, let’s say that you see a ton of creepers around your house. Fighting the creepers head on is suicide, and in addition, this also means that your house may get destroyed in the process. Using a bow and arrow might not be the best idea because of the low rate of fire, and the projectile drop on it is tremendous. Unless you are really skilled with the bow, you will end up wasting a couple shots trying to get a idea of where you’re supposed to aim. Thanks to this mod, you can just aim head on, and take out all those creepers with ease!

All in all, this mod is great, and is recommended for anyone who would like to be able to use more recent and modern weaponry, such as rifles.

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Modern Weapons Mod

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