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More Biomes Mod – Explore new areas and biomes, and gaze upon the beauties that this mod has to offer!

Ah, the beauties of the Minecraft biomes. Each one is different from one another, and there are no two biomes that have the same shape and size. How can this possibly get any better? Well I can tell you how. All you need to do is add even more biomes with the More Biomes mod! The name suits its purpose so well! Anyways, this mod addsapproximately16 new biomes that you can go about exploring, some morenoticeablethat others, and others blending right in with the stock biomes. Here is the list of biomes and a brief description of what they look like:

  • High Snow Mountains
    • Enormousmountainsthat are covered with snow, stone, dirt, waterfalls, and trees.
    • Some call it paradise. I call it cold.
  • High Desert Mountains
    • Enormousmountainsthat are covered with sand and occasional stone.
  • Savanna
    • A dry version of a normal forest type biome.
    • Has a different type of tree called the acacai tree.
    • Lion King!
  • Glacier
    • Mountains covered with snow blocks and ice.
  • Rainforest
    • Similar to a jungle, but holds normal trees.
    • Breathtaking view because of the lush foliage along with the generated mountains/hills.
  • Birch Forest
    • A forest with birch trees only. Yeah that’s it. Birch trees.
  • Pine Forest
    • Perfect for folks that love places like Montana and West Virginia.
    • Tall trees that give this biome an “everglade” feel.
  • Green Swamp
    • A swamp biome that has a green hue.
  • Redwood Forest
    • A biome that houses taller, and more rounded trees.
  • Bamboo Forest
    • A biome full of bamboo.
    • This is not sugar cane, but actual bamboo.
  • Highlands
    • Extreme hills combined with a forest biome. Nice!
  • Dead Forest
    • Post apocalyptic biome with dead trees everywhere.
    • Sky turns brown once you enter this biome.
  • Tropical Forest
    • Vacation time! Sit back and relax in a tropical habitat.
    • Palm trees everywhere.
  • Autumn Forest
    • Fall. Enough said.
    • Brown trees.
  • Tundra
    • A flat biome full of nothing but snow and ice.
  • Field
    • A plains biome with big trees.
All in all, this mod is a great mod for anyone who would like to spice their experience up with more biomes. Now for some screenhsots of the mod.

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More Biomes Mod

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Compatible Minecraft Version
1.7.2 1.6.4 1.7.10
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