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More Coals Mod – Add different types of coals in your game, meaning that you can smelt more!

Smelting in Minecraft is pretty nice, but at the same time, it’s very basic, and pretty linear. For one, there’s only two types of coal that’s in the game, and that’s normal coal and charcoal. Other than that, that’s it, aside from lava buckets that is. Regardless, coal isn’t really bound to your workload, meaning that you won’t really get a benefit from smelting, let’s say, 64 items, from smelting 32 items. You are pretty much wasting a proportional amount of coal.

That’s where theMore Coals Mod comes in to play. TheMore Coals Mod is a mod that allows you to craft various types of coal to use for smelting. The cool thing about this mod is that you make different typesofcoal, depending on your workload, allowing for more efficiency on larger smelting jobs. This means that you should end up saving a ton of coal when it comes to smelting.

For example, let’s say that youhaveto smelt a stack of cobblestone. Without this mod, you will end up using 8 pieces of coal, which is terriblyinefficient Thanks to this mod, however, you can craft a new type of coal called “Iron Coal”, which only uses an iron ingot and one piece of coal, and each piece can smelt 22 items, rather than the typical 8. That’s almost three times more efficient than a normal piece of coal, and chances are, you probably have too much iron lying around anyways. After all, iron is fairly common, and there’s not much of a use for it after armor and tools anyways.

In conclusion, this mod is fairly simple, but it’sstill a good mod. If you are looking for a mod that makes coal moreefficient, then this mod is for you.

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More Coals Mod

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