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More Enchantments Mod -This Modification adds twenty-two enchantments for minecraft. It will make your armor stronger, makes you move faster, and inflict more damage.

Do you feel as if minecraft could have a little more enchantments? Well with the More Enchantments Mod you get 23 more enchantments. The More Enchantments Mod adds three boot enchantments, two helmet enchantments, two enchantments for all armor in general. It also adds one digging tooenchantment, six box enchantments, seven sword enchantments, onechest plate, and one enchantment for leggings not including the enchantments that work on all pieces of armor. The boot enchantments that are added are swiftness which gives you a 12% speed boost in walking and in running, the high jump which lets you jump one block higher than normal as long as you are on solid ground, and ice step my favorite for boots it freezes water as you walk over it (never have to swim again), it also lets you freeze lava into obsidian as long as youdon’tmove to fast, it lets you turn off fire with you feet and itreducesfire damage. Thehelmetenchantments include horticulture which makes grass and vines around you grows at a rapid pace, and night vision you wont need as many torches for mining now. The tool enchantment is haste which makes it break blocks quicker, works on shovel, pick axe, and axe. The chest plate enchantments is healing which heals half a heart every ten seconds, you regenerate quicker if you have less than three hearts.

The legging enchantment is cloud which slows your descent speed in air and lowers fall damage. Other enchantments for armor areanti venom which provides resistanceto poison and splash damage. The bow enchantments which are blast which makes a smoke screen and knocks them back, sharpshooter which increases the speed of your arrows and and are unaffected by gravity so they will keepflyinguntil it hits a target, homing which shoot the arrows at where your looking at block or mob, splash slowness effect which slows them down it will also slow youdownif your in range, splash venom that poisons your target for 6 seconds and quick draw which increases the firing speed. The sword enchantments are leech which feeds you as you inflict 5 hearts worth of damage, wisdom which gives you 50% moreexperience, poison aspect which poisons your target for 7 seconds, lethargy which slows your opponent down, counter parry which helps you counter attack, penetrate which bypasses armor, and verticality which throws your foes 5 blocks into the air. Now with this mod you can defeat countless enemies.

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More Enchantments Mod

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