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More Explosives Mod – Add more types of explosives in your game in your game! Launch missiles toward yourenemieswith this mod!

Regular TNT in Minecraft is starting to get dull. After a while, you will grow too fond of its explosion, and you’llprobablywant more out of it. I know I do. Sure, you can stack the TNT up, and detonate allofthem at once, but it’s really not as satisfying as, let’s say, a really big explosion. On top of that, you will wast a ton of redstone getting away from the TNT so you won’t get caught in the crossfire, and even then, considering the way normal TNT reacts to other TNT detonating beside it, the chances of a stray piece hitting you isveryhigh. If only there was a way to create a huge and satisfying, yet controlled explosion.

Well, luckily, there is! That’s where the More Explosives Mod comes in. The more explosives mod is a mod designed for TNT enthusiasts out there yearning for more. This mod adds several different types of explosions, ranging from fireworks, to the oh so powerful nuclear bomb. Here’s a complete rundown of some of the explosives added into the game, along with the features they add:

  • Fireworks
    • Not much to say here. They shoot fireworks into the sky.
  • Anti-Personnel Mines
    • When detonated, they will release hundreds of arrows in all directions. Usefu for base defenses.
  • C4
    • Just like TNT, except slightly more powerful.
  • Land Mines
    • Triggered when stepped on. They also tear the terrain up a little.
  • Lava Bomb
    • When triggered, it will explode with lava everywhere.
    • If it comes in contact with a smeltable item, it will cook it (sand to glass, cobblestone to stone, etc.)
  • Nuclear Explosive
    • Just like TNT, except has a huge blast radius.
  • Time Bomb
    • A concentrated C4 explosive.
    • Right-clicking will bring upa GUI that you can configure to tell it when it should explode.
  • Tunneling Explosive
    • Useful for strip mining.
    • This explosive comes with a 100% drop rate.

“What a large selection of explosives!” you might say. Well, as a matter of fact, there’s even more explosives that you can craft! The video below will go into all theexplosivesin full detail.

All in all, this mod is fantastic, and is recommended for anyone who would like to blow some stuff up in their game, but with style.

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