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More Foods Mod – Do you get bored of eating the same old food? Want to create more farms and learn how to make more food like a true minecraft chef? Then you’re in the right place.

This mod is a bit self explanatory, it adds more foods. This mod adds more food recipes for you to make and enjoy! This mod gives you something more to eat rather than eating the same old thing, whether its for the joy of it, or to satisfy your powerful hunger! You can craft some ice cream or some pie for your sweet tooth, or even some fast food burgers to get that salty, inventive taste for your drooling mouth. You can craft fruit pies, vegetable pies,anddifferent flavors of ice cream too.With the new combinable recipes, you can create sandwiches and hamburgers to get the meal you’ve longed for. You can also make new flavors of soup. You’ll love it when you wake up, ready for the breakfast thats waiting for you; those eggs and bacons waiting on the table for you…

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More Foods Mod

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