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More Health RPG Mod – Ever wanted more health in Minecraft, but wanted to earn it somehow? Like having an experience based leveling-up system? Then this mod is for you!

The More Health RPG Mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to earn health by gaining experience. You will start off with 10 hearts, just like in vanilla Minecraft, and you will have to fight countless mobs to gain experience. However, in the end, it will all be worth it becuase once you have 20 hearts, you will practically be unstoppable! Nothing can take you out now! Well, besides lava, but I’m pretty sure you can swim out of the lava in time to save yourself, that is, if you have fast reflexes!

Anyways, like stated before, you earn health by experience points. This means that if you reach a certain level (level is measured by the green experience points number at the bottom of the screen), you will be rewarded a heart. Here’s the list of the amount of hearts you get when you reach a certain level:

  • Level 1: 11 Total Hearts
  • Level 2: 12 Total Hearts
  • Level 4:13 Total Hearts
  • Level 6:14 Total Hearts
  • Level 10:15 Total Hearts
  • Level 14:16 Total Hearts
  • Level 18:17 Total Hearts
  • Level 22:18 Total Hearts
  • Level 26:19 Total Hearts
  • Level 30:20 Total Hearts

As you can see, it’s not too hard to get the 20 hearts, but it may take a while. The best part is though, is that you get to keep the amount of hearts you earned even when you died. The downside to dying however, is that you have to start all over again in order to get more hearts. This means that if you die at level 18, you will still have 17 hearts, but you will have to work your way up all the way to level 22 in order to get 18 hearts. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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More Health RPG Mod

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