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More Meat Mod – Do you feel as though thereisn’tenoughfood in minecraft? Well the more meat mod adds new items and meat for you to use and devour.

Do you want to add more food into your game and your not a person to grow crops? Then this is the mod for you, this mod adds over forty new meats for you to chose from. The more meats mod adds salt which can beacquiredfrom smelting a bucket of water or from salt ore, lard which you get from pigs, salt block which his similar to sand and gravel, squid meat, salt ore, golden bacon which has the same affects as a golden apple, lamb which you get from sheep, a knife, dragon meat you get from killing the enderdragon, BBQ sauce, hot oil, salty jerky, chicken jerky, bacon, fish jerky, calamari, chicken leg, fried fish, fried pork, fried beef, fried bacon, BBQ ribs, the fryer, BBQ chicken, BBQ fish, BBQ chicken leg, pork sausage, beef sausage, chicken sausage, squid sausage, fish sausage and lamb sausage. These are all the new meats and items that are added to your which are now at your disposal. So rev up them fryers and get to cooking with the meat mod.

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More Meat Mod

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