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More Ores Mod – Getting bored hunting the same old ores you no longer need? Then get this mod to spice things up with shiny new ores and gems!

Mores Ores is all self explanatory, the mod adds 21 new different ores to the game. With these ores you can create armor, weapons, tools, and other items. These items can be used as anaccessoryor gather the necessary minerals and craft a weapon or armor that has a unique ability. Some of these abilities affect the weather or has the ability to summon a mob or power.

The ores start from low grade ores such as copper up to the highest and rarest ores which is the nano-diamond which is slightly better than the normal diamond gem. There are normal ores that one would usually find in mining games would be copper, silver, ruby, emerald, etc. to unique ores such as the volatile matter which is very creative. The ore is a randomized drop of ores and a few random selected blocks by the creator. The mod is very creative with the ores and what the ores can be created with.

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More Ores Mod

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