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More Pickaxes Mod – Addmorepickaxes in your game in order to increasevariety, thanks to this mod!

The default Minecraft pickaxes are nice and all, but the level of progression is horribly unbalanced, and there aren’t that many pickaxes to upgrade to as well. You go from the wooden pickaxe, to stone, to iron, and then you go to diamond. It’s easy to acquire the first three, but then, suddenly, it takes forever to get a diamond pickaxe. where’s the fun in that?

That’s why the More Pickaxes Mod was born. TheMore Pickaxes Mod is a mod that allows you to craft various types of pickaxes with various types of items in your game. You can even craft a pickaxe made of bread if you so desire!

This mod is meant for survival, and it is veryusefultoo! For example, let’s say you’re mining underground, and all you have is an iron pickaxe. You’re having fun mining iron ore, when suddenly, the pickaxe breaks. Since you didn’t mine cobblestone beforehand, and you used up your entire coal supply on torches, you would be forced to retreat at this point. Thanks to this mod though, you can just punch a couple pieces of dirt nearby, and make yourself a dirt pickaxe. After that, you can mine some stone in order to make afurnace and a stone pickaxe for the time being. You can now mine for coal, and smelt the iron ore, and now you’re back on your merry way with a brand new iron pickaxe, which would have been impossible to acquire without this mod.

All in all, this mod is recommended for anyone who thinks that there should be more types of pickaxes added into the game, or would just like to havesomethingto fall back on in case they get stuck in a sticky situation underground, in the mines.

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More Pickaxes Mod

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