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More Pistons Mod – Ever wanted pistons to extend further than just one block? Then this mod is for you!

The More Pistons mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you pistons and sticky pistons to extend up to four blocks worth when powered by redstone. You heard me right! This means that you can create some pretty elaborate redstone creations that were otherwise resource intensive, time consuming, space consuming, or downright impossible with just the normal one block pistons. Another cool thing about this mod is that if you attach a piece of TNT to a piston, is will recreate the effects of what the old pistons did, as in they will propel you in the air, along with sand, gravel, and other mobs. The crafting recipes are as follows:

Anyways, this mod doesn’t really have much to do with the survival portion of Minecraft (but you can probably find a way to make it useful for survival!), but it does have a really big impact when it comes to the creative portion of Minecraft, specifically redstone contraptions. This mod will significantly cut down the needed redstone, as well as the needed space. If you ask me, this mod should be added into normal Minecraft, as it doesn’t really make the game imbalanced. For now though, you should check the video below out to get some ideas on how you could put use to this mod, but first, let’s see some screenshots of the mod in action.

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More Pistons Mod

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