More Player Models Mod


More Player Models Mod – Make your game more interesting by adding even moredifferenttypes of player models into the game! Turn into a skeleton, or even a wraith!

Minecraft player customization only goes so far. In my opinion, it is fairly limited. Pretty much the only thing you can really do is change your skin, and acquire a cape by going to Minecon. Other than that though, that’s pretty much it. Limited, like I said before.

Then there’s theMore Player Models Mod. theMore Player Models Mod is a mod that makes it so you can change your player model to various other models, including skeletons, dwarves, and much more. In order to change between models, all you have to do is press “F6″. After that, a GUI should pop up, allowing you to change your skin. All you have to do from there is pick a skin, and press the “Reload Skins” button, and your player’s model should change to the one you chose.

That’s not all this mod has to offer, however. If you press “c”, you will dance, and if you press “b”, you go into a hugging mode, which allows you to hug anything you want. In addition to those features, if you press “x”, you will go into a sitting position, and lastly, if you press “z”, you will lay down, or go into a sleeping position. Another cool feature this mod adds is that the item in your first hotbar slot will go on your back, which is a very nice aesthetic change in my opinion.

All in all, this mod is very nice, and I would recommend it for anyone who would like to have more features in their game when it comes to player customization.

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More Player Models Mod

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