More Village Biomes Mod


More Village Biomes Mod – Allow villages to spawn in more biomes with this mod! Discover villages in the middle of a jungle, arctic, and more!

NPC villages arehardto find nowadays. They only spawn in plains biomes and desert biomes. On top of that, the villages are exactly the same. There’s nothing really unique about the villages, other than the layout of the houses. If only there was a way to change that up.

Well, thanks to this mod, there now is! The more village biomes mod is a mod that makes it so villages can also spawn in arctic biomes, as well as forest and jungle biomes. Since villages spawn more frequently now, this in turn means that you will encounter villages more frequently as well. In addition to that, considering the sheer amount of villages in the game now, you can essentially turn your Minecraft world into an RPG type of game. If only there was a mod that allowed villagers to talk and give you quests.

Additionally, the villages now are made with different materials, allowing for more variety compared to the stock Minecraft villages. This adds to theatmosphereof the game. For example, the snow and arctic villages are made out of snow and ice, allowing them to fit in with the environment. This also makes it seem like the villages are part of the stock version of Minecraft.

All in all, this mod is very well made, and if you were to install it on your friend’s PC without him knowing, chances are, he will think the villages are part of the game. The only downside that I can see in this mod is that the new villages will not generate in your old worlds, unless you are willing to travel really great distances to where Minecraft hasn’t loaded any chunks in before. If that’s not a problem to you, then by all means, get this mod now!

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More Village Biomes Mod

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