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More XP Mod – Ever wanted to increase the amount of experience points you get whenever you slay a mob? Then this mod is for you!

this Mod is a mod for Minecraft that does just what it says. It increases the amount of experience points from every mob you kill. There were only four different XP multipliers that this mod has to offer and those were the 5X multiplier, 10 X multiplier, 25X multiplier, and last but not least, the 75X multiplier. Now, thanks to the new GUI the mod has to offer, you can now change the amount you want. You can even have a 500X multiplier now if you want! In order to access it, just go to the pause screen, and there should be a new button there that says “MoreXP Settings”.

This mod pretty useful, especially when it comes to enchantments. Because of the fact that enchantments are in a different language and writing, you may end up with an unwanted enchantment. This mod will make it so getting an unwanted enchantment isn’t something to be angry about. Now for some screenshotsof the mod.

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More XP Mod

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