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Mob traps in Minecraft are nice and all, but they are fairly primitive, and could be fairly wasteful at times. In addition to that, base security is at an all time low, mainly because of the fact that you will constantly have to engage and re-engage the traps if you want to leave and whatnot. sure, you could make a trap that you could leave engaged all the time, and disable it when you want to leave, but that looks really unaesthetic.

Fortunately, there’s a mod that fixes this issue, and that mod is called theMotion Detector Mod! TheMotion Detector Mod is a mod that adds new block called the motion detector, which does exactly what it says, in that it detects motion. The difference, however, is that when this sensor detects motion, it outputs a redstone signal.

This means that this mod is very useful for base defense in survival. For example, let’s say that you want to have a moat that only appears when mobs come near, so that it will look aesthetic for the most part, and so it looks like you don’t even have a moat. Thanks to this mod, you can now make that a reality. That is just one of the many uses that this mod has.

All in all, this mod is pretty cool, and is recommended for anyone who is looking for a motion detector, whether it be be for base defense, or mob traps.


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Motion Detector Mod

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