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Do you enjoy decorating your homes in Minecraft but feel that there should be more? Well if you do then this is the mod for you, MrCrayfish’sFurniture mod adds more than 30 pieces of furniture into you game. This mod adds all of your household needs, it adds a bedside cabinet, a wooden table you no longer have to use pistons as tables, wooden chairs to replace to wooden stairs, a cabinet, a wooden coffee table, a refrigerator to keep all your food stored, a freezer, couches which comes in the colors, white, green, red, and black, blinds are also added to keep those creepers from taking a peek inside your home. This mod also adds curtains, lamps, stone chairs, stone tables, a stone coffee table, an oven a fancier way to prepare your meals, an oven range hood, hedges to enclose your home without using fences comes in oak, pine, berch and jungle wood all to accommodate your needs, bird baths, picket fences, stone paths, water tap, and your very own mailbox. Dont think these items can only be used to decorate your fine home, they can be used for a large variety of things for example, you can use hedges to create large mazes and at the center can be your home and the only way through the maze is following a specific stone path that only you know about. You can also use the stone path to divide your gardens and farms, one side will have melons other pumpkin and so forth, and again you can use the hedges to enclose you food supply from unwanted visitors( remember to keep it well lit or mobs may spawn inside). Decorate your home to the best of your ability and discover new uses for them!!

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MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod

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