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Mutant Mobs Mod – Add mutated mobs into your game to make your game much harder! Hardcore difficulty has got nothing on this mod!

Minecraft has gotten a little stale with its mobs. You know exactly how to counter every single one of them, so there’s not much of a challenge. On top of that, they become less and less scary the more andmoreyou play, to the point where they aren’t even a threat. You can go on harder difficulties, but you are more likely to die fromfallingintolava to be honest.

That’s why this mod was born. TheMutant Mobs Mod, dubbed “Mutant Creatures Mod”, does exactly what it says, in that it adds several mutated creatures or mobs into the game. Mutated mobs, as you can probably guess from the name already, are incredibly powerful, and are much harder to kill than their normal counterparts.

First up is the Mutant Zombie. This guy means serious business. By that, I mean, this mob is practically the hulk, only even more powerful. For starters, the zombie is huge, and doesn’t even burn in the daylight. Doesn’t sound too bad? Well, this mob also heals during the night, so the only practical way to slay him would be in the day. Still not too challenging? Well, the only way to properly slay him would be to set him on fire. Otherwise, he’ll revive, and be even stronger.

Next up is the Mutant Creeper. As if the normal creeper wasn’t enough. This mob will pounce you, and as soon as he lands, he will wreck the environment around him. If you think you can take him on head on, well you’re wrong. This mob will take YOU head on with its charge attack! If you try running away, this mob will shoot lightning at you, and pounce you again. If you think that wasn’t enough, well, this mob also throws mini creepers at you as well!

As you can see, this mod is incredibly terrifying, and is meant for hardcore survival players who are seeking more of a challenge in the game.

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Mutant Mobs Mod

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