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Natural disasters Mod – Ever feel like there’s not enough risk in leaving your house in Minecraft? Crank it up to 11 with this Mod!

The Natural Disasters Mod makes a few changes that may seem subtle at first. For one, there are now sinkholes across the map. Make one false move and you’re plummeting to the sea of lava far beneath the surface, with diamonds and coal whizzing past your eyes on the way down. The sinkholes may seem small at first, but they’re rather quick to expand and devour everything in close proximity to it, mobs (both friendly and hostile), players and terrain (such as grass) alike.

In addition to sinkholes, this mod adds gargantuan volcanoes, deadly earthquakes that tremor and rip up terrain, as well as a couple of other disasters. These additional disasters are meteors, giant blocks of stone and ice that crash into the surface of the earth, and terrain monsters, which are invisible forces that follow the player around, spewing lava and exploding all over the place. Sure to excite those who want an adrenaline rush.

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Natural Disasters Mod

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