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Nature Overhaul Mod – Ever wanted Minecraft to have a more realistic nature? You know, the one where flowers spread on their own, and trees growing other trees.

The Nature Overhaul Mod is a mod for Minecraft that makes nature more realistic. This includes trees dropping saplings, trees dying on their own, saplings planting themselves, and saplings growing back into trees. Now if you were to do a timelapse of the trees in Minecraft going through this cycle, you would notice that it accurately reflects the beauty of nature, where things die, but new things come about and take their place. Anyways, trees also occasionally drop apples and cocoa beans, and when you cut a tree down from the stem (first block), the whole tree falls and drops every wood block that was on the tree. Trees aren’t the only thing that’s affected though. Flowers also reproduce other flowers, and the other flowers plant themselves on their own, similar to what the trees do. There’s still quite a bit more this mod has to offer though, so you should get this mod now!

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Nature Overhaul Mod

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