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I’ve always been fascinated at the idea of necromancy. Basically, it’s about sewing organisms’ parts together in hopes that it will create something that’s fully functioning, and free from fault. The problem is, however, is that this idea doesn’t translate too well in life, and is frowned upon quite a bit. In fact, it’s illegal in some countries, and could get you put in a mental institution.

Fortunately, there’s a mod that fixes this issue, and it’s called the Necromancy Mod. TheNecromancy Mod is a mod that makes it so you can slay mobs, and collect their body parts in order to make your own creations, such as spiders with creeper bodies, or even skeletons with zombie bodies. The possibilities are practically endless really, and it’s up to your imagination.

What makes this mod cool is that this mod makes it so your creations actually become your allies! This means that, if you slay enough spiders, or basically enough to have all the parts for a spider, you could essentially create a spider to do your bidding. The mobs you create should be like dogs, in that they will attack hostile mobs, or mobs that you designate by left clicking. This mod can be quite useful for the survival game mode. For example, dogs can be quite hard to find sometimes. Thanks to this mod, you can essentially have dogs by reanimating mobs.

All in all, this mod is pretty cool, and is recommended for anyone who is interested in Necromancy, or would just like to have a faithful companion with them in Minecraft.

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Necromancy Mod

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