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Nether Ores Mod – Make the Nether more exciting by adding the vanilla Minecraft ores into the Nether!

I hate how there’s almost nothing to do in the Nether, except for mining for glowstone, and maybe stumbling upon a Nether fortress to get some Nether warts for brewing. After that, there’s nothing else to do really. You could probably fight some Blaze for blaze rods in order to get to the End, but other than that, the Nether is fairly empty.

This mod attempts to change that. The Nether ores mod, as you probably would have guessed, adds the default Minecraft ores into the Nether. This will allow for some fun in the Nether, and considering how the terrain in the Nether is almost two times harder than the terrain in the overworld, this can mean a slightly more fun mining experience.

Speaking of difficulty, this mod also makes acquiring the ingot/stone itself harder too. The mod does this by dropping the “Nether-ified” ore, meaning that you will have to smelt the drop first before it becomes equivalent to the overworld counter part. For example, if you smelt the Nether Iron Ore, it will turn into an Iron Ore, and then, you can smelt it again so it will turn into an iron ingot. You get the idea.

On top of that, this mod makes it even harder by making pigmen attack you if they see you looting their precious ore. Once a zombie pigman attacks you, I’m pretty sure you know the rest. Like I said before, this mod is recommended for anyone who would like to have a challenge when it comes to mining.

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Nether Ores Mod

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