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Networked Chests Mod – Ever wanted to access your stuff no matter where you’re at? Then this mod is for you!

The Networked Chests Mod is a mod for Minecraft That allows you to put your chests in a network, meaning that if two network chests were to have the same name, you can place anything in one chest, and grab it from the other chest. This is essentially storing stuff in a “cloud”, and that you can access your items from anywhere, as long as they have the same name. To use this mod, craft the network chests (crafting recipe below). After that, place it anywhere. You will get a prompt asking for chest’s name. Be sure to name it something you can remember. That way, you can easily place another chest somewhere else, such as a cave, and you won’t forget the name of the chest.

This mod is particularly useful for mining, and when you know you’re going to be in trouble. For example, you could place a bunch of network chests with different names inside your house, and whenever you mine something, you could easily transfer to your house by placing a chest down with the corresponding name. The items you place inside that chest will be instantly available inside your house, so you could destroy the one inside the cave and your stuff will be unharmed. Another example would be when you’re being chased by zombies, or you’re when about to die. you can just place one of these down, and put everything in your inventory inside the chest. Now when you respawn inside your home, you could just place another chest down inside your home and typing the name of the chest. This means that you can recover your lost items.

I would definitely recommend this mod for anyone who plays Minecraft in survival mode. The crafting recipe is a little challenging, but not too challenging for what it offers. Now for some screenshots.

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Networked Chests Mod

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