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New Dungeons Mod – Add different types of dungeons in your game, spicing your mining experience up! No more boring dungeons that look similar to one another!

Dungeons in Minecraft are kind of boring. They are basically a box underground, with a mob spawner inside. That’s pretty much it really. Other than the loot inside of the chests, the dungeons aren’t really aesthetic, and are pretty much meant for mob grinding. There’s no real challenge to them, and the dungeons aren’t really aesthetic either.

Then there’s this mod. The new dungeons mod is a mod that completely reworks the dungeon spawning mechanics. Rather than taking up a 12×12 region that’s about 5-7 blocks high, the dungeons now begin at the surface of the world, and descend all the way to practically bedrock.

The top portion of the dungeon looks like ruins, and you can tell it’s a dungeon because of a mob spawner that is accompanying the ruins. In the center of the ruins, you should see a staircase that spirals all the way down. You can either be a daredevil and jump all the way down, and break your fall, or you can play it safe and take the stairs. It’s up to you. Anyways, once you get down there, you will bepleasantlysurprised at what you see. There will be two mob spawners waiting for you there. If that wasn’t enough, that’s just the main room. There are several other rooms that have even more mob spawners! To make it even harder, Mojang added pathfinding code to the mobs, meaning that even though the mobs are inseparaterooms, they will still find a way to get to you!

All in all, this mod is great, and is recommended for anyone who desires more a challenge in their game, or would just like to generally make the dungeons better.

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New Dungeons Mod

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